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1st Jul − 30 Sep




World Innompic Games 2020 online

The pandemic caused us to conduct 4th World Innompic Games 2020 online.

The online nature of IG 2020 allowed us to create new value for participants and the World. For instance, the geography of IG participants expanded, family teams and individual contestants may participate, special contests were created for kids. Some contest were reinvented for online IG. Some new contests and activities for distant performance were invented.

Create an appealing marketing slogan
that will highlight innovative value of online IG

Maximum length of a slogan: 5 words, propositions are not counted.

Each participant may create up to 3 slogans as different entries.





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Innompic Games: Awards


Marketing Slogan





Others Awards

The marks received in the 'Headline Master' contest will also be taken into account when defining the Creative Marketing award winners.





Innovation and Entrepreneurship e-Coach Innompic Games Vadim Kotelnikov

Marketing Slogan

A slogan expresses a productís stand or goal. It is short phrase that creates the first impression and distinguishes a product, making it notable.