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Long ago, a great mentor said to me that one way to think of brand is to identify the 3 values that you are about.

In my case, I was very familiar with my short set of values I demonstrated at work:

1. Adventure
2. Empowerment
3. Excellence




I was known for taking on big challenges and leading ďepic adventuresĒ at work. By turning projects into adventures, it helped turn work from executing a set of tasks into leading and achieving meaningful work and operating at a higher level.

I treated everybody as a leader and empowered them to give their best where they have their best to give.

I embraced difference in styles and differences in thought because I learned long ago that itís the synergy of differences that compounds our capabilities.

Otherwise, itís an echo chamber of like minds and the emperor has no clothes.

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I also believed that people give their best when they are choosing the work and doing the work on their terms.

So ultimately, my style is to set the stage by creating clarity around the challenge and then inspiring and orchestrating great talent to change the game through creativity and collaboration.




I found that when you inspire people to join you on an adventure and you inspire and empower them to bring out their best, you set a stage for flow and excellence.


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JD Meier innovation guru USA

People grow faster and better in their strengths, and itís that strength focus that creates an unmatched version of excellence that is the hallmark of humanity at its best.

JD Meier



Excellence becomes both a habit and a by product of performing meaningful work as individuals realize their potential.

And if there is one thing that people know me for, itís helping people realize their potential in work and life while changing the world.



JD Meier innovation guru USA

Think in Three Wins: Three Wins for today, Three Wins for this week, Three Wins for this month, Three Wins for this quarter, Three Wins for this year.

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