Noble Goal

To meet the rapidly growing global demand for INNOBALL entrepreneurial simulation game educative videos that would help implement a broad variety of breakthrough projects much more successfully.

Prepare to win wisely Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Innoball Innovation Brainball simulation game


INNOBALL entrepreneurial simulation gameINNOBALL entrepreneurial simulation gameINNOBALL entrepreneurial simulation gameINNOBALL entrepreneurial simulation gameINNOBALL entrepreneurial simulation game



of an educative INNOBALL video


Kseniya plays 3 Challenge - Solution rounds with Healthbiotics startup







Value Innovator

SpongeBob loves to create innovative value for others, invent new things, solve problems creatively, and make others happier.




Doctor Evil team member

Doctor Evil is very good at creating various challenges during INNOBALL simulation game, and thus prompts innopreneurs to anticipate problems and solve them creatively.




Bart Simpson as a great team member

Bart Simpson is rebellious and smart. He is very good at inventing great ways out of problems created by Doctor Evil and turn them to entrepreneurial opportunities,



Challenge and Solution



Our team was writing the scenario of the first three INNOBALL educational videos, when Doctor Evil received a very good offer from another TV project.

Batman and James Bond started a new violence-full TV series project and wanted Doctor Evil to play a central role in it − a powerful sinister they would fight against for years.

They had a big budget, far bigger than ours. They could pay Doctor Evil 5 times more.

Doctor Evil was tempted, yet he loved our INNOBALL video-series much more because here her could invent new challenges every day.

So our team decided to turn this big problem to a great benefit for all involved.

Doctor Evil team member

Doctor Evil met James Bond and Batman to discuss the offer. His real goal was different however. Doctor Evil was to find out why James Bond and Batman wanted to produce TV series. Was it money or something else? He found out that James Bond and Batman were primarily motivated by a burning desire to teach people how to conquer bad guys.

Bart Simpson as a great team member

Bart Simpson joined Doctor Evil in the next meeting with James Bond and Batman. His main task was to make them hesitate about the violent nature of their TV series. Bart told them that kids wanted to grow smart, they wanted to learn how to use the wits to tackle challenges. Watching how a couple of super heroes conquer an imaginary villain is of little use to spectators.

SpongeBob joined all of them at the third meeting. He explained James Bond and Batmen that they could fulfill their burning desire to help people become victorious without promoting violence if they joined our INNOBALL edu-video project. Spectators would learn much more and grow smarter by watching venturepreneurial simulation games than fights. They would benefits much more by learning from Batman and James Bond's wits than from their fighting skills.

James Bind and Batman, both being open-minded fortunately, looked at their mission with new eyes and found our project far more beneficial to their target audience. They joined our team and brought both their resources and fans in.