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We can always invent a great way out!

Kyrill Lahminov


World Best Inventor award winner, Kyrill Lahminov, Russia, Innompic Games 2019

Best Inventor 2019

Kyrill Lahminov won 'Best Inventor' award at 3rd World Innompic Games.

Innompic Team Leader

Russia-Moscow team 2019 led by Kyrill won 'First Impression', 'Inventiveness' and ' Business Design' awards at the 3rd World Innompic Games.

Spoken Innovaton contest World Best Inventor Kyrill Lahmonov Innompic Games 2019



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My Dream Job

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I've been loving to fantasize since childhood. Perhaps that was the beginning of my love for science fiction, because I was fascinated by devices that science fiction writers described in their worlds. Capsules that can heal any damage, starships that carry teams of brave explorers to distant worlds. I was impressed by the opportunities and decisions that people in these worlds made to improve their lives. In those days I began to wonder more and more often, what else people in this world would invent.

I fantasized, tried to invent my own worlds, taking ideas from the books I read. That is when the primary vision of what I wanted to achieve started to form. More and more often I began to look at human nature, at the diseases of people, thought about the way to cure all these diseases. How to remove the limitations of people, make them stronger, and maybe even completely immortal? As usual, I fantasized on this topic for a long time. With the experience gained, the ideas became more and more thought-out and at some point I caught myself thinking that everything that I had invented was not so far from reality. What if I try to create it?

Then I started working to achieve my dream. I worked on projects, studied, gained experience. Over time, I realized what I wanted: I wanted to invent and create immortality. But it was only then that I wondered why I needed it. What I really wanted was to see with my own eyes those miracles that I read about in books and which I made up myself while fantasizing.

But I need to work smart and hard in order to achieve this. The implementation of my dreams is in my hands only, no one but me will do it. Making childhood dreams come true and thus helping the entire humanity, isnít this a dream job?

~ Kyrill Lahminov

Founder, NervusTec