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1st Innompic Games Introduction to Malaysia - UniKL Varsity Entrepreneur

In conjunction with the Malaysia Rural Entrepreneur Carnival held at PWTC KL during 19th – 20th Oct 2017

UNIKL the 2nd IG host conducted the 1st Innompic Games introduction workshop in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. About 300 students & officers from various UNIKL disciplines attended the half day program.

The program started by the Malaysia Coordinator @ 2nd IG committee chairman, Mr. Othman Haj Ismail, sharing session by the award winners and mini innompic games organized by the IG1 ambassadors. According to Mr. Othman the Innompic Games started at the international conference on "Creation of Global Virtual Venture Value" held in 2010 in Ulyanovsk city, Russia.

During 2010-2017, Innoball trainings, both open and corporate, have been conducted in various countries. The Innonmpic games is the 360 of Innovation methodology, it is like the cradle to grave concept.

The current traditional entrepreneurial education needed some new unleashing. New Entrepreneurial education is now moving towards to a gaming methodology. The innompic games is not only for new product creations but it also good for transforming a dying or tail end of a products Also, It not only teaches entrepreneurial skills but also skill & values of a top manager. The Innompic games covers from inventiveness, direction setting, product guideline, commercialization strategy and sustaining thru its 10 kore Tools.

4 teams comprises of UNIKL students compete in the mini innompics games. The team was guide by the IG ambassadors on the games flows and tips in creating solution, challenging and anticipation. The 2 big challenges they need to solve is;
1. How to promote innompic games thruout Asia
2. E platform for new product development.

Besides learning the flows of the innompic games, the 300 students / actators also exposed to the judging method, Q & A engagement between judges and the audiences.

Prizes were given by the organizers UNKL – Teknoputra Division, to the team winners as well as to Mr. Innovation & Mrs. Innovation of UNIKL.

“I was impressed with the new things happen in front of me”,

“I was a shy person, but after playing the simulation game, I became more confident with myself.”

“We generation Y & Z don’t like to challenge our mind to go far, but with “The innompic games
It really challenges us to think out of the box”

That was the interviewed session between UNIKL student and the IG1 team, on “What can you learn from the Innompic Games”

Quoting from the Prime Malaysia of Malaysia speeches during the opening of the KUD Carnival day, “We need to be more creative & innovative, technology base, digitalization and global player”.

Another important message, I would like to share is “Within 2 – 3 years’ time, it’s going to be another 4.0 industry” said D.G of Malaysian Productivity Corporation.

The innompic games mission & vision is to unlock country creativity and innovation and what PM of Malaysia, is saying, is all included in the innompic games.
Last but not least, before going to the “INNOVATION TRANSFORMATION”, involve us as part of your strategic partner to achieve your journey.

Those who wish to learn about innompic games do not hesitate to contact the Malaysian Coordinator – Mr. Othman Ismail.


  2nd Innompic Games 2018 


September 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Organized by University of Kuala Lumpur

Coordinated globally by Innompics World




Malaysia Team
the 1st Innompic Games 2017


1st Innompic Games 2017, Malaysia Team,awards, University of Kuala Lumpur flag UniKL






1st Malaysia University Innompic Games (IPMA 2018)





Innompic Games introduction to Malaysia: UniKL Varsity Entrepreneur