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Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

In 2001, I created the initial concept of the global Virtual Venture Valley (VVV). Innompic Games and the global Innompic Ecosystem grew out of that seed.

Vadim Kotelnikov



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The plans to organise World Innompic Games were announced internationally in 2010 at the International Conference on creation of global Virtual Venture Valley (VVV) held in Ulyanovsk, Russia.

Formally, Innompic Games were announced in 2016 at the international ISBA conference in India.



INNOMPIOLOGY soclal science

Innmpiology is the social science that examines and explains  how to create harmonious mega-innovations and civilizational breakthroughs using the Innompic Games development story.





Most Recent Launches


18 May 2020

The Tree of Innompic Games concept published


16 May 2020

Innompic University (Innompirsity) born

Innompirsity Innompic Innovation University

14 May 2020

IG Harmonious Mega-Innovation concept published


12 May 2020

Yin-Yang Strategies of Innompic Games Games concept published


10 May 2020

Innompiology social science born

INNOMPIOLOGY soclal science

7 May 2020

Innompic Torch Bearers feature launched


3 May 2020

5 Basic Elements of Innompic Games concept published


1 May 2010

Innompic Glossary created



 90 second video introduction 


We love Olympic Games!

Yet, as you may noticed,

the World has changed slightly in the last 3,000 years.


The new World is driven by

creative, innovative and entrepreneurial people.


It needs new intellectual, all-involving Games! 


Innompic Games are the long overdue response

to these new realities.

Olympic Games are for athletes who stretch their physical capabilities.

Innompic Games are for innovators who stretch the World!




Olympic Games help athletes shine. Innompic Games  are to turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators.


Global & Local

Though the concept and contests of Innompic Games were invented by a Russian, the Games are truly global. Innompic Games were first mentioned at the international conference on "Creation of Global Virtual Venture Value" held in 2010 in Ulyanovsk city, Russia.

During 2010-2017, Innoball trainings, both open and corporate, have been conducted in various countries.

1st Innompic Games 2017 were conducted in India.

Malaysia, as the most active early adopter, won the right to host the 2nd Innompic Games 2018.

Innompic Games will become primarily web-based starting from 2019. There will be a venue for people who want to and can dive deeper into an amazing Innompic atmosphere. Yet, most people will participate via Internet.


Addressing Big Challenges. 10 KITT, Innoball, Cross-cultural Unity, Creation Show, Actator engagement, Fun, Innompiuc Gesture, Innompic Song


Innompic Games is the launch of the millennium, a civilisational breakthrough, and the World's most impactful startup ever.

To make is easier for historians, researchers, teachers, students, would-be entrepreneurs and others to find the information they need on the first steps of Innompic Games, we document them here.

We also store various historic objects from early Innompic Games in the Innompic Museum.



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 Innoball helps strengthen a breakthrough venture sharply


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 Strengthening Innompic Games


Creating a Civilizatonal Breakthrough

Enhancing Contests

Improving Team Assessment

Increasing Benefits for All Involved

Enhancing Learning Opportunities

Innoball helps strengthen itself: Improving the Innoball Process

Creating a Popular Global Show

Engaging Internet Spectators Globally

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