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My Dream Job

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CEO in a Banking Sector

No There are many successes stories broadcasted and always it has been coupled with the dream. I dream bigger so that I could get to approach the moon even it is far off. I had a dream from childhood, and it was mingled with public benefit. My dream was for the people, for their support and to improve the strategy in the banking sector for the beneficial purpose.

I really want to do something that is more beneficial to people and community.

All I ever aspired of is a job where I could see the results right in front of me. There canít be anything bigger than my actions directly driving beneficial changes to the society. Directly making an everlasting positive impact on life of people is what my mind craves for. Finally, with much soul searching I discovered Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in banking sector as my ideal match.

The reason I want to become a CEO is for me to be able to make a change in some policies of Commercial bank in Nepal. For example the credit policy, the credit to the public from the bank itís too high. This makes it difficult for people who want to have their own startup in Nepal.

I have always loved the idea of being a leader. Since I was younger, I would always try to be the leader of the group in any activities I had taken part in, especially in school and college. Finally, becoming the CEO will allow me to have wider control of my organizationís work. This way I can implement my ideas more boldly and push for rapid reforms.

I like being able to oversee everything and guide the group for a better outcome. I believe I have a skill for becoming a leader as I love to listen to the problems, motivate the people and solve the problem if any arise.

Becoming the CEO will allow me to guide my group and bring success to the organization.

I often read about these bad CEOs of Nepalese Banks who abuse their role or do something to tarnish the image of the bank through horrible behavior.

I remember words of Walt Disney, ďAll our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

Each and every inch of my courage wishes to serve as an exemplary CEO of Nepalese commercial bank.

~ Sarita Bhatta



Sarita Bhatta, Nepal, SAIM, MBA, Innompic Games

I really want to do something that is more beneficial to people and community.

Sarita Bhatta