Starting small


Co-Founding and Investment Opportunity


Thinking HUGE!


Your life opportunity to become a co-founder of a civilization breakthrough!



Let's create history together!


You are a part of a history-making new wave of Olympic games:
Web-Olympics for Innovators!

Your grandkids will read about you in their textbooks because you were among the pioneers who changed the World and made the 1st Innompics a reality!

Innompic Games - intellectual Olympics for Innpvators


We may sell some equity in the Innompic Web Games to value-adding international partners to make the group of founders truly global

We are not looking for purely financial investors, we're looking for investing partners who can offer a synergistic value addition.


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Benefits for Co-Founders

Benefits for the Soul

  • Creating a civilizational breakthrough that makes the people's life on Earth more exciting and rewarding

  • Creating next-wave opportunities for millions of people around the World  >>>

  • Uniting innovators around the World and creating a great learning platform for aspiring innovators

Benefits for the Business

  • Stronger brand and higher brand equity

  • Easier to acquire customers and find partners

  • Inspired and proud and more innovative employees / citizens

Huge Potential Profits

Most founders if the Innompic Games are disruptive innopreneurs who love to create breakthroughs, but don't want to manage the Innompic business when it becomes huge.

So, we're planning to sell the majority of shares to an Internet giant who would love to manage a worldwide annual contest of people who change the World and generate huge revenues from it.

Who are the likely buyers?

Currently, social netowrks Facebook and Google+ compete on the same ground ‒ they focus on helping people communicate, now grow.

As to Innompic Internet Games, they focus on helping people grow.

The social network that would add the Innompic Internet Games to its value creation model will become two-dimensional ‒ it will help people both communicate and grow.

That social network will win the competitive battle.

So, If now they pay US$ billions for an innovative photo-processing business, how much would they pay for a business that would vault a global social network to the next curve?


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 Innompics - Olymnpics for Innovators


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