Noble Goal

To reach 100,000 food and wine lovers to a unique culinary haven that meets the heart and soul of the people by 2025.






Problem Solver

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes, by nature is quite bold and he is willing to face any challenges in the way of justice.




Mickey Mouse is warm, enthusiastic, empathetic, and caring. Although he has strong people skills.




Garfield as a great team member

Garfield’s flaws far outweigh his qualities. He is lazy, gluttonous, mean, and selfish, but it works for him and gets him what he wants.



Challenge and Solution




The team was working on a new business plan for a unique haven for food and wine lovers when Mickey Mouse came panicking to the team saying “the business plan was stolen by Bart Simpson and he was going to use the plan with Shrek being the master mind to create the vision”. Shrek was already on his way to the investors when Sherlock thought of an idea.
Sherlock is a problem solver; Bart Simpson is destructive and potentially dangerous, and Shrek is clever and self-sufficient.


Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes being a problem solver, his task was play a mind game to Shrek which he did when he went to meet up with Shrek, who was on his way to the investors and told Shrek that the plan which he is holding was not the original business plan and that the original business plan was with Mickey Mouse and it was written in a secret code.

Mickey Mouse being the negotiator, his task to convince Sherk to change his mind, so told Shrek that it was not the right thing to do by stealing the business plan and provided an opportunity to work together and not against each other so that all of them can reach the targeted food and wine lovers in the same area. Shrek having a great sense of right and wrong realised that he made a huge mistake and decided to also get Bart Simpson to work together on a partnership. Bart Simpson agreed.

Garfield as a great team member

Garfield being a uniter, his task was to bring together the team though doesn’t always show much affection was moved by the whole thing and with a sarcastic voice said “let us all come together and sing I have a difference to make” because we all have a difference to make. All them realised it is better to get into partnership to provide the food and wine lovers the unique culinary haven to experience.

Shrek and Bart Simpson were both excited to be partners and joined the team immediately.





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