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Inspiring Partnerships

IRBAN helps promote and strengthen both personal and corporate brands. IRBAN members share great positive experiences of dealing with each other in order to promote outstanding value-creation practices, inspire creation of new partnerships, and nourish peace globally.

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Brand Ambassador  

Brand Ambassadors

A brand ambassador is an opinion leader with a strong personal brand who represents a partner brand in a positive light, confirms it by s/his reputation, and helps to increase brand awareness and brand appeal.





Reciprocal Brand Ambassadors

Reciprocal brand ambassadorship describes a situation in which two brands promote each other in order to increase brand awareness and/or gain mutual benefits.

In IRBAN, reciprocal brand ambassadors are predominantly individual passion-mates, vision-mates, mission-mates, purpose-mates and/or journey-mates who are happy to share their positive collaboration experiences with other network members. By doing so, they celebrate joint achievements, promote innovative approaches to value creation, and inspire new partnerships among IRBAN members.

Synergistic Growth

IRBAN members grow synergistically by helping each other grow and by enlarging the market for their value propositions. IRBAN helps synergize diverse approaches to value innovation, creation processes, and customer acquisition. Diverse reciprocal word-of-mouth (MoU) marketing voices make a mighty chorus.

Emotional Benefits

Do you feel happier when someone expresses an interest in a subject you are passionate about as well as an appreciation of your achievements in that area? Do you have positive feelings about that other person when this happens?
IRBAN makes such moments of happiness to happen more frequently. It also helps you share that feeling with others by expressing an interest in their passions as well as an appreciation of their achievements.

IRBAN helps share positive collaboration experiences, promote great value-creation practices, and inspires new partnerships among people and organisations.



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