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New world, new games

1st Innompics

  Innompic Games (Innompics) - #1 Global Competition among Innovators - Helping innopreneurs grow, win and shine!

Innompics: Win your amazing future!

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Innompics: Let's create history!


You are a part of a history-making new wave of Olympic games: Web-Olympics for Innovators!
Your grandkids will read about you in their textbooks because you were among the pioneers who changed the World and made the 1st Innompics a reality!

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Innompics: play, grow, shine!

Entrepreneurial Creativity Contests


Blitz Contests

For a given product

Create an advertising slogan

Suggest value-adding modifications

For a given problem

Find creative solutions

Find opportunities

Innoball logo - Innovation Football strategic simulation game

Innovation Football

Strategic simulation game


The World's fastest way

to evaluate the strength of

an innovation team and

its each player

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Let's create history together!

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