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Tawanda Sithole Zimbabwe team World Innompic Games 2020

Tawanda Sithole

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe VLC

Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADC)



Noble Goal

To distribute and setup 100 000 medical and pharmaceutical Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADC) in all African cities by 2025.







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Hermione as a great team member

Hermione, her prodigious intellect and cleverness gives her the ability to obtain vital information whilst retaining her logical, unfailingly dutiful and loyal character. This makes her a person who can always be counted on.




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Dumbledore as a great team member

Dumbledore, is a Wiseman and the cleaner who has an eye for great detail. He pays attention to detail by looking at things on the big scale and dealing with minute details in order to end up with the perfect solutions.




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SpongeBob, always aim to shine by being enthusiastic, charismatic, and creative. He is also very charming, energetic, and independent. In a way he will simply be our hardworking and extroverted team member.



Challenge and Solution




People’s lives were threatened by a simple exposure to Covid-19. From her studies of new technologies, Hermione, shared a solution that would save lives of the frontline volunteers and the public. Little did we know that Bart Simpson had used his popular pull factor to start a “Dial a medical home delivery” business through the help of his smart and mastermind friend Garfield. When Dumbledore analysed our competition’s system and operations, he noticed that their delivery team had risk of contracting and spreading the virus every time they do a delivery. That discovery later convinced Garfield to jump ship and join our much safer project. Garfield and Dumbledore now provide inventions and simple solutions to complex challenges in the security and setting up of ADCs in African cities.


Hermione as a great team member

Hermione’s book-smart paved way for the start of the project that considered the plight of the human lives world over due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Her extremely compassionate heart settled on helping the African countries to reduce the impact of the pandemic by setting up Automated Dispensary Cabinets (ADC). She was confident that with the right security the technology, which was a success in American hospitals, would help the African public to access medicines in one of the safest ways around. Her loyalty to the cause showed her commitment.

Dumbledore as a great team member

On receiving the idea from Hermione, Dumbledore started working on the plans and strategies to ensure that medical and pharmaceutical services will be rendered safely. Dumbledore’s acumen and case studies on how the system was working in America, Europe & Asia refined our goal and eliminated competition at the same time. Our vision was clearer and SMART objectives were set.

The ever charismatic SpongeBob became the face of the project as he took up the challenge to market the ADC project to the would be investors and WHO. Garfield brought with him the database of some of the clients from his past project which SpongeBob has fully utilised.





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