Noble Goal

Enroll 1 million students in an online cultural school by 2025







Spongebob, being creative and innovative creates the course material




Snowhite, loving and compassionate, runs the online classes




Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock addresses specific concerns raised by the students



Challenge and Solution




With the advent of technology, the world has become a global village. People can connect anywhere, anytime however cultural experts have observed that often times cultural differences are a major cause of conflict among people of different nationalities. Our team has the perfect solution, to create an online cultural school that educates and empowers all people of all nations in cultural matters across the globe.

Doctor Evil on the other hand likes to see conflict in the world as he has partnered with Darth Vader to start an online school in conflict resolution. He will do all he can to stop the launch of the cultural online school.


Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes met with Doctor Evil and Darth Varder to convince them that the best way to deal with cultural differences was to be proactive and educate people rather than reactive to the conflict.

Snowhite encouraged them to focus their curriculum on other areas of conflict that people find themselves in particularly in business and political relationships.

Spongebob agreed with the pair that the cultural school curriculum will include cultural conflict resolution should it arise between parties, in addition to educating people.

Both teams were happy with their visions to make the world a better place.





Mark given by Jury: 7.17