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Macmilan Murebwa Zimbabwe team World Innompic Games 2020

Macmilan Murebwa

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe VLC team

Modern Seed for Maize Farmers



Noble Goal

Equip 1 million African Maize Farmers to use modern day seed by 2023







Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes, by nature, is quite bold and he is willing to face any challenges in the way of justice.




Hermione as a great team member

Hermione, prodigious intellect and cleverness. She is level headed, book-smart



Talker / Loudmouth

Bart Simpson as a great team member

Bart Simpson, is talkative, knows how to get people's attention



Challenge and Solution




With the average yield of maize in Africa being between 1- 2 tonnes per hectare and for the US at 10-15 tns hectares. Me and the Team where brainstorming how to get farmers in Africa to start using modern day seed varieties that will enable them to have yields.

It was during this time when Shelock Holmes during his research stumbled onto the plan that Dr Evil and Vader had to use Vaders vast fast ships to transport a gene variety of seed maize to Africa that would bring about a new variety of maize that would not be suitable for Africa and thus cause wide spread suffering across the continent.


Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes went to Dr Evils laboratory and caused a distraction.

Hermione as a great team member

Whilst Dr Evil was distracted by the smooth talking Shelock Holmes, Hermione went into the lab and cast a spell over the gene pool that had been developed for distribution changing the gene from bad to good. She quickly left the lab undetected.

Bart Simpson as a great team member

Bart Simpson noticing Hermione had completed her task immediately went into overdrive telling everyone about his teams plans to ensure Africa had better seed etc for better yields and that their plan was going into action immediately.

Darth vader on hearing Bart Simpsons claims immediately commanded that his ships collect and transport the gene pool for the seed in Africa. By this My team with the aid of Dr Evil and Darth Vader though unknowingly managed to accomplish the task.





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