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Muhammad Qaedi Bin Nasir, Malaysia KPMSI team, World Innompic Games 2020 online



International Marketing Team








Akhand Pratap Singh

Akhand Pratap Singh, Inidia, KIET TBI team, Innompic Games

Akhand is an Engineer, Iíve met him personally in Innompic 2019. With a cheerful smile and the imagination of an engineer, Akhand can build anything from drone to robot to help us reach our goal!



Suprima Poudel

Nepal Innompic Games

Suprima Poudel, Nepal, KUSOM team, Innompid Games

Suprima is a person with good networking skill. Based on her Instagram and her performance in Innompic 2019, everyone that meet her will fell in love with the way she talks and presents. With her skills, she can do a huge networking initiative to attract one billion people to join Innompic 2025!



Darya Rau


Рау Дарья Вячеславовна Darya Rau

Darya said that in order to unite a team, we should have rational thoughts. And that is why she is very useful to the team. Using her skills of rational and logical thinking with addition of marketing and management skills she have from Financial University Russia, she will maintain the team together as one and also help attract and make the audience of Innompic 2025 fell in love and stay with the game in the long run.



To future and beyond!




A big part of the world never knew about the existence of Innompic Games.


In order to attract one billion internet spectators to online World Innompic Games 2025, our team will need a meeting. Because the best invention across history, came from one evening tea.

Akhand Pratap Singh, Inidia, KIET TBI team, Innompic Games

Akhand, the greatest engineer in the world will use the technology of 2025, he will create 195 drone to be flown around all over the world and spread a flyer of Innompic 2025 so that everyone in planet earth will know about Innompic Games.

Suprima Poudel, Nepal, KUSOM team, Innompid Games

Suprima with a good networking skill will act as an ambassador of Innompic Games. She will contact every influencer in the world from world leaders, celebrity, even Instagram famous. She will even invite some of them! When people see their idol came to Innompic Games, a lot of people will be curious and wanted to join Innompic Games. Therefore, will attract several million people to spectate the Innompic Games.

This technique will be call, Innompian Attraction!

Рау Дарья Вячеславовна Darya Rau

Last but not least, Darya with a great marketing skill will create a better online presence of Innompic Games 2025. She will accomplish this by adding an algorithm and advertisement in Innompics website and social media using a technique called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By doing this, people that browse Google and any other website in world wide web will see the advertisement of Innompic 2025. She will also create a fan club in all of this platform. By doing so, Innompic will have fans all over the world. Because customers will always complaint but fans will always forgive. Thatís why we need more fans!

Therefore, making people automatically visit all Innompic website and social media and through curiosity and interest, several million Internet user will spectate Innompic games. Or even better, JOIN INNOMPIC!

With this team, they touch every aspect of the internet marketing, which is Online, Offline, and Optimization. With the team running Innompic, In 2025, there wouldnít be 1 billion people to spectate innompic, but 3 billion people!





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