Creating Value

Innompic Crew


Mohammad Hafidz Rohani

Mohammad Hafidz Rohani, Malaysia Innompic Games coordinator, entrepreneur, IANA

Innompic Co-coordinator


CEO, IANA Corporation Sdn Bhd

IANA Corporation Sdn Bhd is a food business that produces layer cakes, sells them in Malaysia and exports to Brunei and Singapore.

IANA is a sponsor of Innompics Malaysia.

Co-founder and Marketing Director, IANA Global Talent Network

Delivering training to a different level



Meeting of the 1st Innompics Organizing Committee, India

Certified Innompic Master Trainer,
a leader of Innompics Malaysia

Sponsor and participant of the
1st Innompic Training in Malaysia

Business discussion
during Innompic events

Mohammad Hafidz Rohani, Innompics Organizing Committee Meeting, Vadim Kotelnikovl, Rajendra Jagdale

Mohammad Hafidz Rohani, Innompic Master Trainer, Vadim Kotelnikov

Innompic Training Malaysia Vadim Kotelnikov Hafidz Othman Ismail

Mohd Hafidz Rohani, Vadim Kotelnikov, Diana Puchkova, Innompic business






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